What size & style choker should I choose?

How to measure your necklace size: The best way to determine the proper length to order is to measure a choker you own in similar style. Another method is to drape a string around your neck, and to cut it once you have determined the length that is snug but comfortable for you. Use that measurement as a guide to ordering the closest length available in the style of your choice.

Tips on how to choose the right choker necklace:

Consider the length and width of your neck.

The longer and more slender your neck, the wider the choker you can wear while still looking appealing. If you have a shorter or wider neck, a choker is still a good option as long as you choose a slim one; otherwise, you run the risk of making your neck appear even wider.

A longer, more slender neck can wear chokers with more detail and gems; however, for a woman with a wider neck, it is best to go for something more simple and narrow.

Consider what you will be wearing.

Will it be a low cut or v neckline? If so then most detailed chokers will look good with this style of neckline.

Choose a color.

Don’t let your choker clash with your outfit. The best way to avoid this is to try to decide ahead of time which tops or dresses you may be wearing with your choker and try to pick a color that suits what is in your wardrobe.

A statement choker necklace is a great addition to your accessories that can breathe new life into old favourites and closet staples. Combined with something as simple as a t-shirt, a standout necklace becomes the focal point and makes something basic look fantastic. So you don’t necessarily need to go all out head-to-toe, you’re good to play down the rest of your outfit and keep it simple with the right focal piece.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with clothing with various necklines when considering statement chokers necklaces. V-neck tops or dresses instantly put chokers on display, but high necklines can create an unobstructed view and slightly scooped ones can have a framing effect that also looks great.

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