How to take care of my jewellery

All Jewelshart jewellery is designed to sustain normal light wear. Any individual links are generally not soldered so they will not sustain unreasonable force.

​Please be aware that beads may discolour over time. Silver by its very nature will tarnish over a period of time due to exposure of salts on the skin, soap, perfume, deodorants, air pollutants. We recommend that you use a special silver jewellery cleaning cloth which will clean your jewellery and guard against excessive tarnishing.

Some gemstones used are porous. The use of certain cleaning products, salts on the skin, soap, perfume, body lotions or deodorants can therefore spoil their appearance if exposed to these elements.

Lace chokers:

Generally, cleaning should be a last resort - so don't do it until it is absolutely necessary. DO NOT DRY CLEAN - just dip a cloth in very diluted mild detergent (the same type you use for lingerie/delicates, eg. Woolite), dab gently, and allow the choker to dry flat on a towel in a warm place. Never wring or scrub - be gentle! Dab lace gently in a downward motion, do not "sweep" horizontally across the lace or you may pull it out of shape.

Jewellery should always be stored out of direct sunlight and not immersed in water.

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